How to use the Virtual Reality-viewer?

  1. Assemble the Virtual Reality viewer (VR-viewer). Instruction needed? See the instruction video.
  2. Scan the QR code on the postcard with your smartphone and a QR code Reader.
    No postcard (yet)? Here you can find some of our images for the VR-viewer.
  3. Grab your In the Circle VR-viewer.
  4. Place your smartphone in the VR-viewer.
  5. Sit down, relax and look around!



Video instruction In the Circle VR-viewer

For the best 360 experience

(On all devices)

  • Make sure that you have a modern version of your operating system installed;
  • Being seated often gives the best viewing experience;
  • People wearing glasses are advised to keep them on.

The ultimate experience

Sit down in an office chair (with your VR-viewer on), and let someone spin you around to go all the way… at least 360°!


Browsers for Windows, OSX & Linux (Modern versions):
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • IE 11 & Edge (only Windows)
Browsers for OSX and iOS (Modern versions):
  • Safari
  • Chrome
Browsers for Android (Modern versions):
  • Chrome

Problems using the VR-viewer?

  • You like to watch the image in VR? Click on the VR-viewer icon.
  • You don’t get the dynamic stereo view? Make sure that after scanning, your device opens in a browser (and not in the QR code scanner itself).
  • Your image appears unsharp? Make sure you have the right settings for this viewer. Scan the code with the Cardboard app. You’ll find that code at the side of the In the Circle viewer.

For more troubleshooting tips, click here>>

No VR-viewer nearby?

No problem! You can also enjoy these photos on your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. Enjoy it by “surfing” through the 360° photos, this is without the VR-effect.

Note: You are dealing here with new technology, so errors may occur.

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