Inside Utrecht in the Circle

The best VR-Apps! For free.

In the fast growing world of VR, there is more to explore every day. Many apps have a low quality or are mainly for promotion.
So how to find VR-apps with quality, aesthetic value and exciting experience? 

We tried them all and made a great selection for you! All you need to do is to place your smartphone in your VR-viewer and dive into this experience…

Available for Android and IOS (Apple), unless indicated otherwise


cropped-Utrecht-In-The-Circle-Logo-sRGB-DEF.jpg    360° photos from Utrecht

Amazing 360º photos that capture the beauty of Utrecht! Note: you need a Chrome, Safari or Dolphin browser.

360Cities   360 cities   android-logo     Apple-logo-

From the Rocky Mountains to mars: experience here 360° photos from all over the planet (in full quality)! Fast Wi-Fi or 4G advised.

Orbulus-1-1-225x225   Orbulus    android-logo     Apple-logo-

Experience the most beautiful landscapes in this big journey!

FullDive  Full Dive YouTube 3D    android-logo

Fulldive is a virtual reality (VR) navigation platform. It allows you to browse and view 3D and 360 photos and videos. Or just browse the internet in VR. With Fulldive watching YouTube videos will never be the same! (only Android)

Dive City Rollercoaster    Dive City Rollercoaster    android-logo     Apple-logo-

You like adventures? Dive into this rollercoaster!


VR Free flight    Tuscany Dive    android-logo     Apple-logo-

VR demo with wonderful mediterranian views! (only Android)


Vulcano Fly Through    Vulcano Fly Through    android-logo

Experience the real life sensation of an active Vulcano!


Lanterns    Lanterns    android-logo

A typical night view of a Lantern Festival celebration. Serene mountains lit by full moon reflect in river… (only Android)


World at your feet    The world at your feet

Or have a look to the world at your feet by searching via “VR” in the Play – or App Store.

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